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Geologic Consulting

We will document the characteristics and to analyze the composition of the soil and the rocks that are within the property to assess the technical viability of the activities that you want to develop as part as your project. We will include the basic cartography of the land of your project, also the geometry and thickness of each layer of soil and/or rock. All presented in a geologic map that is print ready.
We will inspect and research the topographic characteristics of the land as well as the natural processes that give shape to the landscape and the way in which those processes interact with your project. We'll determine areas of sediment deposition, natural or man made erosion, landslides, loss of soil, and others; all the while we give you recommendations and pertinent expert corrections using modern techniques in remote sensing and field work.
We'll assess the load bearing capacity of the soil within the land for the development of your project; the physical and mechanical properties of the materials. We'll give you options to solve the difficulties associated to infiltration capacity and give you a design for septic tanks and drainage systems.
Allow us to evaluate which natural processes occur in the area of your project and we will estimate the state of vulnerability in regards to different natural hazards that might affect the future of your project; all of this before you invest a dime on it. We'll give you information that will allow your project to be cemented on a solid base for the future. We will evaluate hazards such as flooding, landslides, river overflow, and volcanic activity among any other relevant hazard.

Paperwork and Governmental Requirements

We take care of the bureaucracy that involves the governmental Geology and Mines Office to obtain or extend your license from non metal mining, extraction, quarry, or river bend extraction.
We will give you piece of mind taking on the tasks of geologic regency for your non metallic extraction project. Following up with the project as it progresses and documenting it thoroughly presenting the appropriate reports to the governmental agencies.
We will point your project in the right direction and generate the documents that comply with the law structure in Costa RIca in order to obtain Environmental Viability for your project. We will present and follow up with reports (D1 and D2), Environmental Management Plan (PGA) as well as Environmental Impact Studies (EsIA).
We ensure the compliance of environmental commitments of your project. We provide oversight of your project as it becomes a reality making sure that control, inspection, oversight and supervision of the technical recommendations agreed upon during the application process while obtaining environmental viability.
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Technical Visit and Consult

Allow us to conduct field evaluation and visit with you the prospective land, during this visit you can talk to us about the project that you have in mind and the activities that you plan on conducting on the premises of your project. Any questions you might have about the legal framework, the geology, specific doubts, concerns before buying land, you can address with us during the visit.
We place our expertise at your service by crafting a customized lecture for your company, comunity or institution regarding subjects within the fields of geology, hydrogeology, environmental protection, remote sensing, among others. Inform your stakeholders in matters such as natural disasters, water management, enviromental preservation, climate change, natural resources and more; all from a well informed, expert point of view. We will be happy to answer your questions about planet Earth and its processes.

Geomatic Services

We specialize in locating and georeferencing the elements that you require on a map or data base, within the official coordenate system or international standards for maps that are local, regional or national scales. We will georeference your water springs, river bends, crop extension, infrastructure, etc.
We craft maps that are tailored to your needs from data bases. We can create location maps, illustrative to your project's access points or the locality; it will include roads, rivers, topography, coordinates and relevant measurements.
We will identify the elements on the Earth's surface within a determined area or terrain, we classify the land use on a local and regional scales. We also identify sites with desired characteristics for your project as well as the elements surrounding it, infrastructure that is close by, populations and other elements of the landscape.
We will craft digital models of terrain and geo-topographic analysis. We'll give you the corresponding interpretation of slopes, geometric and statistical aspects of the terrain.
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