Build Your Project on Solid Ground

Developing a project in construction in any country is a challenge that requires experts in fields such as civil engineering, architecture, law, logistics and more. However, before the design is even made or constructed you must first have a suitable piece of land that can accommodate the project in mind.

In the specific case of Costa Rica, because of its tradition of environmental conscience, there is legislation that have sectorized the places where the development of construction projects can occur depending on their size and environmental impact given the use of resources, waste produced and other variables. Having the know how on the governmental agencies involved with the required permits and restrictions is vital in order to get a project's green light.

It is hard to watch when investors come into the country and buy land only to find out months or years after that the land isn't suitable for the project that they had in mind. This is not only a waste of the inverstor's resources but also missed development for the community that the project would have benefited. This can all be avoided if you find an environmental consultant to do the land's due diligence so you'll be sure to buy a property that will get the permits with minimal hasle.

Before you or your company invest a dime buying land we will provide the assessment needed to determine which conditions your project requires and we will give you options of suitable properties. This will allow you to cut the bureaucracy substantially.

With all of this advantage you, as a decision maker, can rest assured that your resources won't be wasted by buying land that was never a good fit for the project you wished to develop.

You can hire us to do surveying alone or we can give you a full service on environmental and geological topics.  Visit our services page to find out more about what we can do for you and your project.