What does an Environmental Consultant do?

They guide sustainable development through rigorous research applied toward the right usage of natural resources and their preservation.
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Environmental consultation is focused on giving you support and solutions to achieve a balanced development on your project. We offer multiple services tailored to your needs.

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Our Mission:

GCA provides consultation on land use, geologic field work, remote sensing analysis, neo tectonic studies and paper work filing with government agencies like SETENA. Our purpose is to supply solutions based on research that improve the safety and trustworthiness of your project so that not only they comply with governmental requirements but also reduce costs and optimizes the return on investment.


Sustainable Development

Achieve development hand in hand with the environment.



Land Use Management

Keep your project in harmony with the surrounding land


Risk Management

Stay vigilant on the natural hazards that surround your project area while reducing the vulnerability

¿Por qué invertir en estudios ambientales?

    Levante su proyecto sobre bases firmes
Aproveche los beneficios de la Tierra y evada los peligros que la natureza interpone, guiado de la mano profesional de expertos en geología.

    Cumpla con todos los requisitos de ley
No arriesgue el futuro de su proyecto, evitemos reclamos, malestares y accidentes que pongan en juego el éxito, cumplamos con nuestras obligaciones con Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica, un país verde.
Alcance sus objetivos mientras colabora con el desarrollo sostenible, asegurando el futuro para las proximas generaciones.

Nuestros beneficios


   Profesionales en geología

  Investigación moderna

    Responsabilidad y Honestidad

Environmental Consultation with a Geologic Focus

We'll find the best way to map out the execution of your project in harmony with the environment.

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River Dynamics and the Impacts on the Adjacent Properties

Rivers are natural tributaries, mostly of fresh water, that flow from the elevated areas toward the ocean. The area that collects the water that ends up in a river is called a river basin; however, a river is also connected to underground aquifers belonging to the same river basin and that is known as hydro-geological catchment area. Although rivers on our minds seem like static elements through time that have always been there. But in …